Suing Adult Children for Parent’s Nursing Home Bill?

English: Spending on U.S. healthcare as a perc...

English: Spending on U.S. healthcare as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interesting article by a financial services company about laws on the books in many states that require a child to pay for an indigent parent. Pennsylvania has recently sued adult children for the cost of their parent’s nursing home care.

Medicaid, which was created in 1965 to service the poor, usually covers most of the nursing home costs in the elderly. Even when the elderly are not certifiably “poor.” Since Medicaid’s creation, laws mandating filial support  have faded. Today, adult children consult professionals to advise them on how to make their parents eligible for Medicaid. The parent’s savings and assets are then protected from the high cost of skilled nursing homes.

The public burden of caring for a large and growing senior population will probably encourage more states to follow Pennsylvania’s lead. Not many people remember life before Medicaid and would be stunned to learn that such lawsuits are possible.

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