Helpful Info for Growing Old at Home

I really appreciate what the Chicago Tribune did with this story in the Health section; they included the transcript of the radio broadcast, including caller’s questions. Both doctors featured specialize in geriatrics but approach it from slightly different angles. Highlights from the show:

  • People who maintain strong legs, bones, good bladder control, healthy blood vessels, healthy brain, have strategic support and a thoughtful financial plan are usually able to remain at home.
  • Intervening in the small struggles at home can prevent the catastrophic event.
  • The #1 thing for children w elderly parents is to start a conversation…imagine possible scenarios and encourage mobility.
  • Encourage aging parents to rely less on their cars and get back to walking or public transportation. Public transportation is easier to figure out at 62 than 82.
  • If a parent ends up in the hospital, it is hugely helpful to have family members present for as long as possible, including rotating shifts. This increases the chances of speaking to the hospital doctor.



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