This Program Requires Belief and Commitment…..

The article “Namaste: Honoring the spirit within” from Long Term Living Magazine is both educational and thought-provoking. The Sanskrit word “Namaste”  roughly translates to “not to me but you” or “I salute the god within you”. It’s used often as a salutation at the end of yoga practices and holistic treatments. The story focuses on a nursing home that cares for many dementia patients without a dementia ward. In an effort to reach the most vulnerable among them, they’ve developed a non-traditional “Namaste” room. They transform the library into a spa of sorts  from 3-8 pm, M – F. They dim the lights, diffuse aromatic oils, reroute traffic outside, massage hands and flat screened TVs show soothing images. The patients who have participated in this program have shown real progress which their families have appreciated. I would imagine it would be difficult to administer something like this if you weren’t a true believer!


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