Steps for Passing a SNF Inspection

Managing a skilled nursing home requires a continued, concentrated focus on practice, procedure and administration. State inspectors will, on average,  inspect a facility every nine to fifteen months and their presence often causes panic in the staff. Advance notice of a survey will make preparing for one easier. The best way to handle a surprise  inspection would be to have a plan in place ensuring it goes as smoothly as possible. This SNF Nursing Home Administrator Desk Reference for the City of Detroit, advises administrators to diligently prepare for inspections by offering more than what’s typically requested. Following these tips for survey readiness will limit the stress of the staff and give the inspector a more favorable impression of the home:

  • Create a phone tree so that management is notified if an inspection occurs during off hours.
  • The Director of Nursing should distribute the resident census and condition form to appropriate facility staff. The form should be updated weekly.
  • The Director of Nursing should have the roster updated as necessary. If it’s not accurate when the inspection begins, write “draft” on the copy, hand it in and submit a completed roster in the allotted time period.
  • A nurse familiar with the residents should accompany the inspector at all times to answer questions. This may mean more than one nurse if the home has several wings.
  • The Administrator should have a tabbed binder with a copy of all the documents the inspector requires according to the state’s Entrance Conference Checklist.
  • Ensure the receptionist and everyone else knows how to announce the inspector’s arrival and what to say initially.
  • Give the inspector a segregated space to work in; quiet, w a phone but apart from residential care areas.
  • Copy all documents requested by the inspector for review by management.
  • Maintain dialogue throughout the inspection, make sure they have everything they need. Request daily updates or a pre-exit conference. Be firm.

Citations can disparage an otherwise good home’s reputation. They often are costly and may strain the resources of a home, even shutting it down if serious enough. The citations will show up on the state’s social service website and affect how Medicare ranks the home, no matter how unfair. Therefore, it is imperative that all SNF prepare in advance for rigorous inspections.

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