Pending Legislation Sure to Increase Costs for Florida AL Communities

  • A Florida Senate Bill (646) would require the Agency for Health Care Administration to inspect assisted living facilities, rate them for consumers, and revoke or deny the licenses of those whose staffers deliberately harm residents. The bill would increase the fines for repeated serious violations and require additional inspections in those cases.

Assisted living homes are already inspected by the AHCA and the Dept of Health. This bill seems intent on making assisted living standards nearly as stringent as nursing homes which is a very different housing model. The rating system proposed is unnecessary as many private companies already serve prospective customers in this way. Also, proving that a staffer deliberately harmed a resident would be a matter for the courts to decide, it would be hotly disputed if the AHCA began making the call. Serious violations already incur fines and threats of license revocation.

Congressmen introduced at least five other redundant bills in the Florida House of Representatives. The push for tougher laws comes in the wake of the Miami Herald’s 2011 series on assisted  living homes, “Neglected to Death” .

The Florida bills at least warn Assisted Living providers of potential new regulation. Minnesota’s Legislation forced assistant living residents to  undergo Dept of Human Services Counseling in 2004 prior to moving into a community. They claimed this was necessary because the residents might exhaust their savings and seek money from the state.

English: Chamber of the Florida Senate.

3 thoughts on “Pending Legislation Sure to Increase Costs for Florida AL Communities

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