“Independent” Living No Longer So Independent

The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (DPW) is fining and threatening to close an independent living apartment complex over regulatory issues.

The complex is part of a CCRC (Continuum of Care Community) that  also offers assisted living and skilled nursing services. It’s place in the CCRC is not soothing the ruffled feathers of the DPW bureaucracy. The DPW is accusing the complex of running an assisted living home because they offer their residents laundry and meal service.

The possible shut down of the independent living complex is stressing the tenants and their families who pay between $900 and $1100 per month in rent. The manager of the property says they’ll close rather than apply for an assisted living license.  Doing so would hike rental rates by a minimum of 200%.

It’s one of the consequences of a zealous regulatory environment. The same people and politicians who propose ever-changing laws for senior housing providers under the  guise of protection, whine at the price of such regulation ($40k per year).

The best outcome would be for the DPW to drop the case and allow the company to resume its business. Stay tuned…

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