Assisted Living/Bus Service Contract: Low-Cost Feature Providing Big Benefits

Sunrise Senior Living has signed a contract with US Coachways. The contract makes US Coachways the exclusive provider of emergency bus service for all of Sunrise’s 300 locations.

Hurricane Katrina demonstrated how important evacuation plans are for senior homes, even when evacuation is not mandated by law.  The images from Katrina of flooded nursing homes and residents stranded on rooftops is still vivid for many TV viewers.  Partnering with a bus company for emergency travel is a shrewd marketing move for Sunrise. It’s a low-cost feature that provides big benefits.

It buys peace of mind for the families of those living in Sunrise communities.  Crises are rare events; as such, Sunrise will not be obligated to use the bus service often during the contract’s lifetime. It will relieve some of the guilt adult children may have about placing their parent in an assisted living home. It may even confirm the good sense of the resident’s families for choosing Sunrise. “We chose a place that will not leave Mom alone once a storm hits.” No doubt, Sunrise took all of this into consideration when partnering with US Coachways and will use the new alliance as a selling point.

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